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Travel review submitted by Anna – 10th  August 2014  – Tropical Horizons – Cape Tribulation Daintree Rainforest Review
I was picked up from the bus stop at Clifton Beach shops by Michael our guide for the day at 8.00am, after saying hello to the other passengers on board, we headed north along the scenic Captain Cook Highway to begin our Tropical Horizons – Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest Trip.Today’s passengers ranged in age from 25 to 65 years old and there were just 16 of us. We made our way up the coast via the very scenic Captain Cook Highway. Michael shared with us his knowledge about everything & anything that we saw along the way.

We went for a scenic tour around the township of Port Douglas on the way, enjoying a short stop at Flagstaff lookout. After a few scenic photos, we boarded the bus and headed north soon arriving at the Daintree River. Here we helped ourselves to morning tea, coffee and biscuits upon arrival. Introductions to our skipper Brian out of the way, we headed to our boat for our Eco River Cruise.

This was fantastic! Within a couple of minutes of embarking on our cruise we spotted a salty or salt water crocodile, warming itself on the banks of the river; then another then another. Brian told us of all the different plant & animal species that we were seeing, we got some great photos of a kingfisher bird posing for us on a branch and a vibrant blue Ulysses Butterfly gave us a little show! After our cruise and numerous photos, we got back on the bus, crossing the Daintree River on the river ferry (A three minute crossing) and headed up to Cape Tribulation.

Michael filled our travel time with interesting information and stories, passing the time quickly. We saw 2 cassowary’s on our journey(very very lucky) through the rainforest, numerous birds and a couple of bush turkeys.

Soon we were at  our lunch destination a beautiful Rainforest setting called the Heritage Spa and Lodge. This is located deep in the Daintree Rainforest. What an amazing place, I know that I will come back here to visit. They have 20 little Rainforest cabins a beautiful restaurant and a fresh water creek called Cooper Creek going through their property.

We didn’t have time for a swim but I had a paddle. Stunning! Lunch was a choice of Grilled Fish or Steak cooked to your liking served with some chips and or salad. There was also a vegetarian pasta and salad option.

After lunch we got back onto the bus and were at Cape Tribulation and the beach in no time at all. Michael pointed out the stunning Mount Sorrow and Mount Disappointment on the way. We had a quick stop at the beautiful Kulki Lookout where we could see the Rainforest meet the Reef, two World Heritage Sites coming together.

This does not happen anywhere else in the world. So, very special indeed. We all got some amazing photos, Michael was happy to take photos of us posing with the coastline behind us.

After some time exploring the stunning Cape Tribulation, where we enjoyed a guided foreshore walk ,we headed south towards Mossman Gorge, stopping off at the Alexandra Bay lookout, the views from here are breathtaking, I took so many photos that my battery started flashing red. I met some lovely people on this trip though and we promised to share photos.

Mossman Gorge is beautiful, old dense rainforest with beautiful walks and where it is  safe to swim. The new Mossman Gorge Centre is very modern with many displays of Aboriginal Art and artifacts. Here we enjoyed a guided informative Rainforest walk by Michael after being transferred from the Mossman Gorge Centre in their own vehicles to Mossman Gorge itself.

Then it was time for afternoon tea at the  cafe. What a great day, unfortunately this was our last stop before we headed back towards Cairns, arriving back at our accommodation around 6pm.

Something that I thought was fantastic on this tour which  other companies are not offering are the GPS activated commentary in 6 languages. This is a free added bonus to the day and fantastic for non English speaking tourists or for guests that would prefer the tour in their own language. There is a small additional fee for the head phones which you get to keep afterwards or you can take your own.

Thank you so much to Tropical Horizons for inviting me to experience your wonderful Cape Tribulation Daintree Rainforest Day Tour, one of the best Rainforest tours I have ever done!

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